Unlock Your Potential with Rise and Shine

We are dedicated to helping students achieve their college dreams through test preparation, tutoring and financial aid application support. Our founder, Teresa Shappell, started this organization with a mission to help students gain admission to U.S. colleges, and since then, we have been successfully guiding students towards their dreams.

With over 10 years of experience in private consulting firms, Teresa’s passion for education and her own experience of helping her children with college applications led to the foundation of Rise and Shine College Coaching in 2014. As a Harvard University alumna, she understands the importance of college education in shaping an individual’s life and is committed to helping young people find their passion and reach their full potential.

At Rise and Shine, we believe that every student is unique and requires an individualized approach to learning. Our team of Ivy League educated professional teachers has over 10 years of experience in teaching and test preparation, and is dedicated to providing customized strategies to maximize each student’s score and meet their individual needs.

How We Can Help…

Our services include all-levels of tutoring and planning, from elementary to high school and college. We provide help in planning coursework, tutoring individual classes, course retaking, and dual credit courses. We also offer specialized support in ACT/SAT test prep, AP test preparation, and all subject areas, including English, Math, Social Science/History/Government, Reading, and Science.

In addition, we offer homeschool support, as well as tutoring and teaching for online students and classes. We understand the challenges that students face in the digital world, and our teachers are equipped with the latest technology to provide seamless online tutoring.

At Rise and Shine, we are not just about academics; we are committed to building strong relationships with our students, and empowering them with the skills to succeed in life. We understand that college education can be expensive, and we are dedicated to providing financial aid support to low-income students. We offer scholarships, and match sponsors with deserving students, so that our services can reach as many students as possible.

With our passion for education and commitment to student success, we are confident that Rise and Shine College Coaching is the right place for you. Join us today, and let us help you reach your full potential.